This week my professor commented that my drawings needed to look for different forms and not follow current design trends.
I guess I have looked closely at some of the areas that must be considered in designing what I thought to be a device that could allow for several modular cameras to be used from one original device. It doesn’t appear that anyone is doing modular tablets in the sense that I have approached the problem. It is also tough to think of ways to deviate from a popular way of doing things that has transpired in one of the fastest growing markets in the tech sector since smart phones. I was thinking that since no one is doing modular tablets that any design would be setting a standard that allows for a more interactive way of using the tablets with the inclusion of other users. I have been thinking of how many modules are necessary for the best design opportunity, how these devices would be able to work together, and how this interactive experience would allow for trans generational communication without the use of much words.

I remember playing atari with my grandma. Pong almost made her pee her pants. The games are different now but the result is the same. Bringing people together via technology and being able to create something that allows people to learn about one another. I hope to be able to bring this idea to be realized.


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Hello! This is my blog! I am currently doing thesis research towards my MFA in Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University. This blog is intended to be a collaborative effort where I can share concepts and design directions, and where others may share thoughts that inspire, question, or persuade my thinking in the pursuit of great results.